For Those Who Got A DUI

Want To Get Out Of Your DUI 

Stay out of jail and lower fines while getting back to your life.


First DUI can cost around $5,000 in fees to the state and insurance while the judge hangs jail time over your head. With the 2nd and 3rd costing more.


Increased insurance rates and dealing with a probation officer for the next 18 months.


Installed a breathalyzer in your car for the next year and a half. 


Getting a better job is  harder, and loss of employment due to jail time

It Doesn’t need to be this way.

Find out how

Joe Saxton

Joe Saxton

DUI Attorney

I’ve been helping people reduce and dissolve their DUIs. Using the relationships, I’ve built as a public defender. Taking the experience and knowledge from working with the state to getting you the best deal possible.

Michael Zilles

Michael Zilles

DUI Attorney

 I have been making a difference in people’s lives by assisting them through their DUI troubles. Combining my insights and expertise with state regulations to get clients the best possible outcome – is what truly drives me!

How We can help With Your DUI

We will investigate your case to find the best evidence to get you off while you can relax and get back to life.

Protect your Reputation While showing the court you were wrongfully convicted.

Argue the main DUI points to dismiss your case.


  1. We’re not given the opportunity to contact an attorney during the Dui investigation.
  2. Breathalyzers testing can be inaccurate
  3. Officer made an illegal stop
  4. Officer targeted you for DUI
  5. Field Sobriety Tests are inaccurate or invalid.

Get Jail time and fines reduced and dismissed.

Advise you on what to say on the stand for the best chance of getting off.

If it looks like you will be convicted, we will negotiate an effective plea bargain while reducing/getting lighter sentencing.

Results are case dependent

Why You Shouldn’t Use A Public Defender 

Doesn’t Pay

Public work doesn’t pay well, and chances are they will focus on cases that do.

Over Loaded

Most public defenders are overloaded with work and can’t dedicate the time needed to your case.

Won’t Always Be Free

If you can afford to pay one the court will charge you for their services.

When using a court-appointed attorney, the conviction rate is 88%  leaving you a 12% chance of getting off. Don’t take that chance.

During Our Consultations, you’ll come away With


An understanding of your case, giving you peace of mind in the direction its going.


Steps needed to dismiss your case and how your reputation will be protected.


Actions needed to be taken until your hearing .

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